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20/Jul/2022 09:51:55 AM GMT


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Ambee Weather API gives access to real-time local weather updates for temperature, pressure, humidity, wind, cloud coverage, visibility, and dew point of any location in the world by latitude and longitude. These parameters affect various weather-sensitive sectors. Our data can play a key role in weather-related risk management.

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Business Owner : Ambee []

Technical Owner : Arun Reddy []

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location_es India
markedce false
markedfda false
description_en Ambee’s weather API provides valuable actionable insights with a comprehensive view into real-time, accurate, local, national, and global weather. Temperature, cloud Cover, dew Point, visibility, wind bearing, wind Gust, pressure, wind speed, and apparent temperature are some of the parameters that Ambee's weather data includes, along with 90+ other parameters. Global Coverage: Ample data coverage across the world with new countries being every week. Data Accuracy: Data validation is highly prioritized to ensure accurate data delivery with a comprehensive view of real-time weather conditions. Hyperlocal Data: Ambee's weather API provides a detailed hyperlocal view of the current weather conditions with a 200m X 200m resolution. Real-Time Data: Raw weather data is made available in real-time for the user location.
location_en India
description_es La API meteorológica de Ambee proporciona información valiosa y procesable con una vista completa del clima en tiempo real, de forma precisa, de ámbito local, nacional y global. Temperatura, nubosidad, punto de rocío, visibilidad, viento, ráfaga de viento, presión, velocidad del viento y temperatura aparente son algunos de los parámetros que incluyen los datos meteorológicos de Ambee, junto con más de 90 parámetros. Cobertura global: amplia cobertura de datos en todo el mundo con nuevos países cada semana. Datos hiperlocales: la API meteorológica de Ambee proporciona una vista hiperlocal detallada de las condiciones meteorológicas actuales con una resolución de 200 x 200 m. Datos en tiempo real: los datos meteorológicos sin procesar están disponibles en tiempo real para la ubicación del usuario.


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