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Edgar Jordà

18/May/2022 08:07:14 AM GMT


Production and Sandbox Endpoints

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API for the certification in blockchain, of any digital process, sending to our api only the name of the file and its hash, in sha-512, we certify that hash within a blockchain transaction, creating with it a time stamp and a immutable record, without having to access the original file at any time, maximizing security, transparency, privacy and minimizing certification costs.

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Business Information

Business Owner : Edgar Jordà []

Technical Owner : Joaquim Solsona []

API Properties

Property Name Property Value
location_es España
markedce false
markedfda false
description_en You can certify on a public blockchain any data which is critical for a company. Our API works with any type of file (video, photo, pdf, csv, etc...). You only have to read the hash of the file that you want to certify and call to our API. No security or privacy problems (we work with hashes, not with files).
location_en Spain
description_es Certifica en una blockchain publica cuaquier dato critico para una empresa. Nuestra API certifica cualquier tipo de archivo (videos, fotos, pdf, csv, etc...). Sólo tienes que leer el hash del archivo que quieres certificar y llamar a nuestra API. Sin problemas de seguridad ni privacidad (trabajamos con los haches, no con los archivos).


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Name Summary
API integration manual Discover how to integrate our certification API with Blockchain technology in your software.
Registration platform Buy your certification credits to start certifying in Blockchain.