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API Store - BehavioralAnalytics


Antonio Artés Rodríguez

24/Jun/2021 11:33:50 AM GMT


Production and Sandbox Endpoints

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Artificial Intelligence Service for the evaluation of behavior, by eB2, for companies in mental health, emotional well-being, chronic diseases and occupational health. Passive, objective and non-stigmatizing monitoring of the patients health status. Help your users to achieve healthy habits and prevent the appearance of pathologies. Improves the well-being of workers inside and outside the work environment and facilitates stress management. Passive, objective and automatic monitoring of variations in the functionality and quality of life of chronic patients.

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Business Information

Business Owner : Antonio Artés Rodríguez []

Technical Owner : Juan José Campaña Montes []


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Name Summary
eB2 Behavioral Analytics Servicio de evaluación de comportamiento para integrar en aplicaciones y sistemas de eHealth. Download